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Tax Collector

Helen L. McNeil, Tax Collector
Mailing Address:
PO Box 7844
Street Address:
29 South Village Road

Additional Contact Info

Business Hours:
Tues 3pm-9pm; Wed and Thurs 9am-4pm
From 106 North take a left at intersection of 129 & 106.
At the fork just after the library stay to the left.
At the stop sign go straight
We are the third building on the left.


Name / Title
Phone / Email
Term Length / Expires
Deirdre Littlefield, Deputy Tax Collector
1 Years
Helen McNeil, Tax Collector
3 Years

Documents and Forms

Town Office Hours - Office Hours for the Town of Loudon. Please note the change in closing time for the Town Clerk's Office to 8:45 PM on Tuesday evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tax year run from January to January?
NO. The tax year runs from April to March Spring bill covers April 1 to September 30 Fall bill covers October 1 to March 31
Who sets the tax rate?
The State of New Hampshire Division of Revenue. Not the Selectmen or Tax Collector.
Where do I file for tax exemptions?
All exemptions are filed with the Selectmen's office and must be filed by April 15th to be considered for the current tax year.
How and where do I file for a Tax abatement?
Abatements may be filed after the release of the fall tax bill.The deadline to file is March 1st. You can get abatement forms at the town office or online at