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Historical Society

Cynthia Babonis, Secretary
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Located in the Loudon Community Building (Charlie's Barn) directly behind the Town Offices on South Village Road

The Loudon Historical Society meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Community Building at 7:00 p.m. We are open the 2nd Sunday of the month or by appointment. Please contact Cynthia Babonis at or Ashley Simonds at 603-708-1080.
Please review the following committees and e-mail Cynthia Babonis at if you are interested in participating. 
Oral Histories Committee:
As the name would imply, this committee will work on developing an interview format and begin the process of obtaining the oral histories of those in the community who know it best, from their perspective.  The committee members will prioritize the list of candidates for interview, conduct some of the interviews and solicit help from community members.
Cemetery Documentation Committee:
This committee will work on identifying all of the town cemeteries and pursue records to identify those who's grave markers are no longer legible.  This will involve some photography and record keeping.
Public Relations Committee:
The LHS has a goal of hosting educational programs and events for the community.  We would also like to promote the HS and make it more accessible to the public.  This committee will plan public events, solicit speakers, etc.


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Ron Lane, Director
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Melanie Kiley, Treasurer
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Michelle York, President
0 Years
Ashley Simonds, Curator
0 Years
Cynthia Babonis, Director
0 Years
Lucy Gordon, Secretary
0 Years
Stanley Prescott, Vice President
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Meeting Minutes - 12/05/07 Minutes
November 2016 - General Meeting Minutes
February 2017 - General Meeting Minutes
March 2017 - General Meeting Minutes