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Documents and Forms

Loudon Agriculture Commission

Handmade Soap Making - The Loudon Agriculture Commission is hosting a soap making class on August 25th from 6-8pm. See attached for details and rsvp information.

Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes - 04-11-07 Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 01-10-07 Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 03-14-07 Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 05-09-07 Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 07-12-07 Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 08-08-07 Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 10-10-07 Minutes

Meeting Minutes - 11-13-07 Minutes

Town Clerk

Town Office Hours - Office hours for the Town of Loudon. Please note the change in closing time for the Town Clerk's office to 8:45 PM on Tuesday evenings.

2015 March Town Meeting Minutes - 2015 Annual Town Meeting Minutes

Town Clerk September Closings - See attached for town clerk closure dates.

Code Enforcement/Compliance & Building Department

COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION - Building Permit for New Commercial - Industrial Construction, Additions, Renovations, Accessory Buildings

RESIDENTIAL BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION - Building Permit for New Residential Construction, Additions, Renovations, Accessory Buildings

Communications Council

Loudon Ledger Submission Policy - Policy for printing articles in the "Loudon Ledger"

Annual Meeting - The number of directors will be not less than five...and not more than nine. Election of new directors or election of current directors to succeeding terms will occur as the first order of business at the annual meeting.

Loudon Ledger Distribution List - List of drop-offs for the "Loudon Ledger"

2009 Update for Town Report - Communications Council's Update of 2009

By-Laws - By-Laws of the Loudon Communications Council

Check out this!!! Summer “Sand Pail” list - Here is a start to your summer bucket list – over 60 free or low cost things to do in Loudon this summer…

Raffle to benefit the Loudon Communication Council - publishers of The Loudon Ledger. Tickets are ready! Drawing for the awesome prizes will be at 3:30 at the LCC Old Home Day booth. See attached for full details.

Important Safety Resources - See the attached for important safety resources.

Flyer replacing The Loudon Ledger for July - Attached is a flyer with information on July activities in Loudon. We apologize for any inconvenience in not having The Loudon Ledger published this month.

PHOTO CONTEST!! - Come on, camera buffs get those cameras out and start snapping! We are holding a monthly photo contest. Winner will have photo on Loudon's new website. See attached for the details.

Things To Do In Loudon by Amanda Masse - Summer “Sand Pail” list - Here is a start to your summer bucket list over 70 free or low cost things to do in Loudon this summer. Check it out!

Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness Training - Learn more about how to prepare you and your family for an emergency or disaster.

FEMA Information - 2007 FEMA Information

Fire Department

Notice of online Fire Permit - Fire permits are now available online for Loudon residents. To obtain a fire permit online go to ~ Fire Department ~ Online Fire Permit. This will lead to the link for the State of New Hampshire, Division of Forest and Lands online fire permit application. There is a $3.00 fee for the online permit, which goes to the website vendor. Fire permits are also available at the Fire Station at 8 Cooper Street, Monday – Sunday 6 am-6 pm. There is no charge for this permit.

Fire Permits Required by Law - Information for getting a fire permit.

Highway Department

Winter and Inclement Weather Policy and Priorities - The Loudon Board of Selectmen adopted the Town of Loudon Winter and Inclement Weather Policy and Priorities on January 10, 2006.

South Village Road - Maintenance scheduled to begin in July. See attached from Lance Houle, Road Agent.

Historical Society

Meeting Minutes - 12/05/07 Minutes

May 2017 - General Meeting Minutes

November 2016 - General Meeting Minutes

June 2017 - General Meeting Minutes

February 2017  - General Meeting Minutes

March 2017 - General Meeting Minutes


Maxfield Library August Newsletter - Check out the attached newsletter to see what is happening at the library in August.

Maxfield Library July 2017 newsletter - There are a lot of things going on at the library this summer, check out what is happening in July.

Maxfield Library June 2017 newsletter  - Check out the library newsletter for important information.

Maxfield Library Summer Reading Program - There's lots to do at the library this summer from reading to knitting and crocheting and more!

Public Assistance

Application for General Assistance - Welfare Town of Loudon - Application for General Assistance - Welfare

Planning Board

Rules of Procedure - Amended December 3, 2003

Zoning Ordinance (as of March 2017) - The purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the community. The Ordinance gives consideration to the character and suitability for particular uses of area in the Town of Loudon.

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Five - Economics

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Seven - Conservation, Preservation, Open Space

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Eight - Community Facilities

Site Development Plan application - To be used for any building or construction activity that develops, changes, or expands a non-residential or multi-family residential use of land.

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Six - Housing

Master Plan Update Survey Results - Results of the survey made available to Loudon property owners in September 2012.

Subdivision application - To be used for the division of the lot, tract, or parcel of land into two or more lots, plats, sites, or other divisions of land for the purpose of sale, rent, lease, condominium conveyance or building development.

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Eleven - Transportation

Application fee schedule - Fees to be included with subdivision, site development, lot line adjustment, or lot merger applications.

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Ten - Utilities

Voluntary Lot Merger form - Used for the purpose of merging two or more adjacent lots, in the same ownership.

Lot Line Adjustment application - Application to be used for lot line/boundary line adjustments.

Land Development Regulations - Updated March 2010

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Nine - Recreational Facilities

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Four - Population

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter One - Introduction

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Two - Goals & Objectives

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Three -Historical & Cultural Overview

Master Plan 2001 - Chapter Twelve - Existing & Future Land Use

Open Space Trail System - Existing Trails Map

Change of Use application - Application to be used when a change within a structure, or on a said parcel, is made from one permitted use to another non-residential use.

Recreation Committee

Membership Request - The Loudon Recreation Committee offers recreational program opportunities for Loudon Citizens. See notice for details.

Event/Activity Survey - Survey for the residents of Loudon regarding ideas for programs and events including Loudon Summer Fun Nights. Please fill it out and send it in!

Event/Activity Evaluation Form - This form is for attendees to complete and return as an evaluation of the event or activity. This will help us make future events or activities even better. Print out, complete, and return as instructed on form.

RECREATION COMMITTEE NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!! - The Loudon Recreation Committee is looking for feedback about programs and events offered this past year. We want to hear from those who attended or participated in the events as well as from people with any ideas they want to share! See attached.

Kids Yoga!!! - Living Yoga owner and instructor Marla Matthews will lead a 4-week YOGA series for children ages 6 and up. Parents are also welcome to participate. See attached for details.

Summer Swim Lesson Program - The Loudon Recreation Committee is offering Red Cross Swim Instruction at Clough Pond taught by Water Safety Instructors contracted through Swim NH, LLC. There will be two sessions. For further information, see the attached registration form.

Loudon Recreation Committee & Contoocook River Canoe Company - Are offering stand up paddleboard lessons in August at Clough Pond. There will be four sessions offered from 6:00 to 7:30. See the attached for full details.

Education and Schools

Kindergarten Registration Loudon Elementary School - Parents of children who turn 5 years old before September 30 are encouraged to call Mrs. Muzzey 783-4400 at Loudon Elementary School to register their child for kindergarten for the new school year.

Board of Selectmen

Office Hours - Town of Loudon Office Hours

Ribbon cutting ceremony - There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house at the new town office on July 18 at 4:30. See attached for invitation and more details.

Facilities Rental Agreement - Rental Agreement Form for the Community Building/Charlies Barn and Town Hall. Please note the change. Loudon Residents rental fee remains $50 per calendar day and Non-residents will be $100 per calendar day. The $150 security deposit remains the same.

Gazebo Request Form - Form for - Gazebo Guidelines - For use of the Arthur E. McNeil III Memorial Gazebo and request form

Outdoor Facility Use Agreement and Release/Indemnification Form - Outdoor Facility Use Agreement - This form is to be used when a group, individual, or organization requests to utilize the Town of Loudon Outdoor Facilities/Gazebo/Recreation Fields.

General Assistance Application - Welfare Application - Welfare - General Assistance Application

Intent to Cut Wood or Timber Form (PA-7 Form DRA) - Timber Tax: In 2013, DRA changed the process for filing the Intent to Cut Wood or Timber Form. Please utilize the attached form and return it to the Selectmen's Office (29 South Village Rd) P O Box 7837, Loudon, NH 03307 or via e-mail at

Timber Tax Worksheet - Timber Tax: This form can either be filed when an Intent to Cut Wood or Timber Form or a Report of Wood or Timber Cut Form is filed with the Selectmen’s Office. This form MUST be received at the Selectmen’s Office in order to process the Timber Tax due on a logging operation.

Intent to Excavate Gravel Form - Intent to Excavate GravelForm

Winter Parking Reminder - Public Notice - Winter Parking Reminder

2015 Town Meeting Minutes - 2015 Town Meeting Minutes

2014 Annual Town Report - 2014 Annual Report

2014 Town Meeting Minutes - 2014 Town Meeting Minutes

2013 Annual Town Report - 2013 Annual Report

2013 Town Meeting Minutes - 2013 Town Meeting Minutes

2012 Annual Town Report - 2012 Annual Report

2012 Town Meeting minutes - 2012 Town Meeting Minutes

2011 Annual Town Report - 2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Town Report - 2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Town Report - 2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Town Report - 2008 Annual Report

Solid Waste and Recycling

Transfer Station Fees - Recycling information, fees, transfer station hours. Updated July 2011.

Mercury Ban Press Release - Mercury Ban Press Release

Cell Phone Recycling! - The Loudon Transfer Station accepts cell phones for Recycling! We also accept rechargeable batteries. FREE!

Resident Sticker Fee Increase December 1, 2011 - Starting December 1, 2011 Resident Stickers on sale at the Transfer Station for $4.00.

Mercury Ban Information - Mercury Ban Information

Mercury Requirements - Mercury Requirements

Household Hazardous Waste Day Information - Household Hazardous Waste information.


Tax Collector

Town Office Hours - Office Hours for the Town of Loudon. Please note the change in closing time for the Town Clerk's Office to 8:45 PM on Tuesday evenings.

Loudon Youth Athletic Association

Minutes - Feb. 24, 2009 - Meeting Minutes

By-Laws - By-Laws of the Loudon Youth Athletic Association

Minutes - March 24, 2009 Minutes

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Zoning Ordinance - as of March 2017, last update

Special Exception application - This application is to be used when requesting relief from certain sections of the Zoning Ordinance.

Variance application - This application is used when requesting a use or area variance from a section of the Zoning Ordinance.

How to Apply to the ZBA - Complete steps to follow when applying to the Zoning Board of Adjustment

Request for Rehearing - If you want the Zoning Board to reconsider a decision it has made, use this form.

Appeal of Administrative Decision - If you want to appeal a decision made by an administrative official in the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, use this form.

ZBA Fee Schedule - These fees are due at the time of application submittal.